November 21, 2004

The Rope

Sometime back, as a part of our Leadership Lessons through World Literature course, we had Captain Raghu Raman as a guest speaker. Captain Raghu has served the Indian Army for over 10 years during which he was a part of the elite Mechanized Forces. He is currently the Head of Practice at Mahindra Special Services Group.

While I could not attend his talk, I was moved by his narrative titled "The Rope". This is something that I want you all to read. Sudeep, Vivek I am sure you will like it.

The Rope is available as a PDF here:

His other presentation titled The Unorthodox Address is available here:


At 4:31 PM, Blogger Vivek Kumar said...

Hmm.. lots to think about..

And you were right. I liked them both...


At 1:08 PM, Blogger thangam said...

I had the opportunity to participate in his 'ROPE' on 2nd NOV.09 .He was a guest speaker in our annual corporate conference.He tied the audience with his powerful 'rope' with his gestures,modulations and body language make one to feel that you are in the glaciers.I am for sure that one who attends his workshop remain as a motivated lot.
Trainer in a corporate


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