January 27, 2005

A Song of Fire and Ice

Unlike Robert Jordan, GRR Martin surpasses himself with every new book of A Song of Fire and Ice. Just finished reading A Storm of Swords (the third book in the Song of Fire and Ice series) and would strongly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in the Fantasy genre.

What is it about A Song of Fire and Ice that has it rated so highly by most readers of Sci-Fi & Fantasy?

The best thing about Martin's Song of Fire and Ice is the unpredictability. Being a hero does not guarantee you survival.

Another thing about Song of Fire and Ice is that there are no purely evil characters in this epic saga. There are only humans, who under circumstances perform acts they probably wouldn't have otherwise.

And then, there is the plotting and the scheming, the continuously shifting loyalties and the treacherous betrayals.

And finally, each chapter is depicted through the eyes of the various characters who sometimes are thousands of miles apart. Each chapter is given a cliff-hanger ending that leaves the reader gasping for "What Happened Next".

All this and much more makes it a book I would strongly recommend to everyone.


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