February 25, 2005

Tech Job Opportunities (Part III)

Continuing on my previous post, here are some more opportunities with the same firm. Please note, no prior financial domain knowledge is required for this post. The person should be hands on and highly technical.

Position: Team Lead

  • Design reviews
  • Interfacing with the business side
  • Resolution of technical and business issues
  • Completely responsible for the project at hand
  • Basic Project Management and Resource Allocation

Experience: Should have 4+ years of relevant experience.

  • Java, J2EE, UML/design, UI development in Swing
  • Design Patterns, UML (Not mandatory), Methodology (familiarity required), Interfaces, Classes etc.
  • Mandatory: Core Java, Exception Handling, Runtime & system, IO, Threads, Net, Utils, JDBC. J2EE concepts, ClassLoading
  • Optional: Java J2EE, WebServices, EJB, Messaging, Monitoring JMX, XML, Debugging/Deployment of distributed applications, JMS/Messaging using Tibco/MQ Series
Resume Format:
  • Core skills at the beginning of resume
  • Work done & responsibilities in bullet points for every project
  • Tools - core toolset and ones familiar with (IDEs, debuggers etc)
  • Number of years of work experience
  • Current role description
If you know a friend who matches this profile, please feel free to email this link to a friend.


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