February 13, 2005

Tech Job Opportunities

For all the techies out there, awesome job opportunities at the Technology Division of a top US based Financial Services Company. I can personally vouch for the opportunity and the company.

The openings will be available for a very short period of time and will not be advertized in papers/job websites. The role will be very much hands on and technical. If your resume matches the details given below and you are willing to relocate to Bombay, please send me your resume at sumit.dhar at gmail.com. The resume should NOT be longer than two pages. Details about job role/responsibilities given below:

Position: Technical Project Manager

  • Handle delivery of mission critical applications.
  • Interfacing with other teams and business users.
  • Question and review scalability, high availability and transaction related issues.
  • Responsible for resource allocation and basic project management.
  • NOTE - Must be hands on technical.
Experience: Should have 7+ years of relevant experience.

Technology/Knowledge: The applicants must have a good grasp of distributed computing issues and environments, good understanding of messaging systems and enterprise computing. They should also possess knowledge of:
  • Java, J2EE, UML/design, UI development in Swing
  • Design Patterns, UML (Not mandatory), Methodology (familiarity required), Interfaces, Classes etc.
  • Mandatory: Core Java, Exception Handling, Runtime & system, IO, Threads, Net, Utils, JDBC. J2EE concepts, ClassLoading
  • Optional - Java J2EE, WebServices, EJB, Messaging, Monitoring JMX, XML, Debugging/Deployment of distributed applications, JMS/Messaging using Tibco/MQ Series
  • Should be familiarity with Linux, Windows and Solaris OS
  • Good to have: Version control systems, build systems such as ant, Testing tools (Junit etc), Debugging experience
  • Finance (Not mandatory): Fixed Income, Equities, Derivatives, Risk Management
Resume Format:
  • Core skills at the beginning of resume
  • Work done & responsibilities in bullet points for every project
  • Tools - core toolset and ones familiar with (IDEs, debuggers etc)
  • Number of years of work experience
  • Current role description
If you know a friend who matches this profile, please feel free to email this link to a friend.

More job postings at the same company over the next few days.


At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Bharani said...

Sumit, Interesting..If I haven't applied for ISB, I would've considered this..he he! BTW, good way to get referral fee :-)

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Dhar said...


No referral fee. This is for a VERY close friend who is looking for GOOD guys for this operation.


At 2:01 AM, Anonymous bharani said...

Fine. BTW, I have made a link to your post in my blog..

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Dhar said...

Thanks Bharani.


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