March 20, 2005

Friends at ISB

Over the next few days, I will be uploading photos of some incredible people I have met at ISB. In no particular order, let me start with Ranjit Babu.
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Mugshot: Ranjit Babu

According to reports from reliable sources, during his undergrad years, Ranjit was proposed to by all the 37 girls of his class. Rumor has it, a couple of boys too decided to take advantage of this situation and proposed along with the girls.

A firm believer in the fact that "come prepared with case facts" actually means "read the case in the class", Ranjit is often seen devouring cases at 600 wpm. He manages to stay marginally ahead of the professor while looking for that elusive nugget of insight for Class Participation. Once he finds that nugget, he promptly uses it for CP and thereby earning the nickname Ranjit 'JIT' Babu.

With this patented method of dealing with cases, Ranjit has time to do just about everything. He has played an instrumental role in the success of Poseidon, ILS and Merchandising Club here at ISB. He also plays the flute like a pro. He is all set to rock the marketing world with his stint at Nokia.


At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Bharani said...

Excellent initiative!!

Keep writing more about your friends..

Ranjit Babu is a smart guy! All the best for his stint in Nokia..BTW, I heard reports about Nokia offering huge sum, hope he is the one!!

I happened to see your website as well..You are a smart guy as wonder you guys are in demand among girls :-)


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