March 25, 2005

Response to Legal Threats

Sites like PirateBay which host BitTorrent trackers have started receiving legal threats from MPAA, RIAA and others. While LokiTorrent and others have shut down, response of PirateBay to these legal threats is hilarious. Reproduced below is a part of the response of PirateBay to EA's legal threats:
Hello and thank you for contacting us. We have shut down the website in question. Oh wait, just kidding. We haven't, since the site in question is fully legal. Unlike certain other countries, such as the one you're in, we have sane copyright laws here. But we also have polar bears roaming the streets and attacking people :-(.

Their letter continues in the same spirit. On being informed that EA enforces its intellectual property rights very aggressively by using every legal option available, here is PirateBay's response:
Please don't sue us right now, our lawyer is passed out in an alley from too much moonshine, so please atleast wait until he's found and doesn't have a huge hangover...

On being demanded that PirateBay disable access to BitTorrent seeds of The Sims, here is what they had to say:
You're free to demand anything you want. So are we. We demand that you cease and desist sending letters like this, since they're frivolous and meaningless. Where should I send the bill for the consumed diskspace and bandwidth

Read the full response here and other hilarious responses from PirateBay here.


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