June 27, 2005

Google Video Upload

From the Google Video Upload website:
Your work deserves to be seen.

You've made a great video. Now who will watch it? Whether you produce hundreds of titles a year or just a few, you can give your videos the recognition and visibility they deserve by promoting them on Google - for free. Signing up for the Google Video Upload Program will connect your work with users who are most likely to want to view them.
Google is accepting digital video files of any length and size. So Jedi Knight Joe Francis, go ahead and upload those excellent amateur films you made!

I only wish Google would also allow me to upload PPTs, PDFs and other assorted documents I produce with the rest of the world. Using some third party site and publishing that URL via Blogger just does not cut it. :(


At 3:57 AM, Blogger ... said...

first time here...happened to chance upon this blog... makes for an interestin read! ...will be by again.


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