June 06, 2005

Just Purchased...

While I was staying at Thane, I would regularly visit the book shop "Paperbak" at Vasant Vihar. Mahesh, the owner, was himself pretty well read and would often suggest some excellent titles. After leaving Bombay, I really missed Paperbak.

After coming to Bombay, I yesterday visited Paperbak once again. The collection did not disappoint me. The titles I picked up while I was there include:
Currently about to finish one of the best books on World Politics. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order is extremely provocative and amazingly insightful. That book deserves a separate detailed post which will happen once I have read it a couple of times.

Also procured:
And the weekend was spent watching the Thai movie Ong Bak & Ring II.


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