June 22, 2005


For those who use the Firefox browser:
Outfoxed enables you to use your network of trusted friends to determine what's good, bad, and dangerous on the Internet. Outfoxed allows you to use the opinion of your friends who are experts in certain areas. For example: you might want to use Nilesh's opinion when buying a digital camera or Beatzo's when looking at movie review sites.

Beyond that, Outfoxed also helps you deal with spyware, malware, Phishing sites etc. While Outfoxed also does a lot of other stuff, I will leave it to you all to discover it for yourself.
A brief intro to what Outfoxed does is available here while you can download Outfoxed if you are using Firefox browser from here. You can add me as your informer; my Informer ID on Outfoxed is eNder.

While I am pretty excited about this innovative usage of social networking, companies like Amazon can take great advantage of such a concept. Hopefully should be able to flesh out my ideas on that in some other post.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Jake said...

hey neat!


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