June 10, 2005

Would be funny, if it were not idiotic.

I have no idea who or what runs India Daily, but a badly written automated bot might not be a bad guess. Was browsing through their Technology section wherein I came across some totally wierd articles:

From an article titled Manipulating weather with the help of extraterrestrial electromagnetic radiation– a new phase in contemporary cold war [Link]:
Many countries have secretly put in devices on the earth to manipulate the terrestrial ionosphere and the magnetosphere. They call these high-energy devices means of frying incoming ballistic missiles. But in reality a variation of these devices classified under other projects can manipulate the incoming burst of particle energies or the massive electromagnetic radiations to manipulate the weather patterns and create or stop artificial weathers.
From the article titled Extraterrestrial UFO influence, effect of polar reversal or military experiment in Mexican Volcano [Link]:
One possibility is that the hot spot of active volcano is disturbed by some extraterrestrial experiments controlled by aliens. Mexico recently has reported excessive sightings of UFOs. The other alternative can be that some kind of military experimentation is going on there.
Wait, wait. There is more to come. Another article titled Controlling the human mind with the help of artificially charged ions and pulsating electromagnetic waves [Link] claims:
Artificial ionization of the immediate environment and careful algorithmic control of the same can produce amazing results. But controlling minds of many people and over a large area can be performed through the use of special types of high intensity electromagnetic waves pulsing in a specific manner. Pulse is controlled by the precision computers.
Another snippet from an article grandly titled Why conventional physics fails for time machine design as well as understanding Extraterrestrial UFOs ["Link]:
The new physics is based on spatial structures of the space. The space as we know in three dimensions is just an instance. The application of other dimensions including time can be viewed as animating the three dimensional effect in that dimension.

Spatial structures can only be perceived through complex computer algorithms. These algorithms are able to create the simulation of many dimensions above that we know which are four. It can model leaking gravity from the Universe into a parallel Universe. It can simulate the effects of dark matter on the Universe and the overall gravity. Through these spatial structure algorithms, teleporting, time travel and principles by which extraterrestrial UFOs operate can be modeled.
Further goodies from an article titled Reverse engineering Quantum Electrodynamics of a Black Hole to develop enormous electron radiation and the time machine ["Link]:
Quantum Electrodynamics is the extension of traditional thermodynamics that allows calculating the speed at which electrons radiate from a black hole. Consider a virtual electron-positron pair produced just outside the event horizon of a Black Hole. Once the pair is created, the intense curvature of space-time of the black hole can put energy into the pair. Thus the pair can become non-virtual; the electron does not fall back into the hole.
Many more such mad-scientist articles can be found on their Technology page. Some titles:

How does it feel inside an Extraterrestrial UFO belonging to a very advanced alien civilization? [Link]

The final frontier of stealth using parallel Universe as cover for invisible propagation – a reverse engineered concept from extraterrestrial UFOs [Link]

Following path of leaking gravity into fifth and higher dimensions – clues to parallel universes in our immediate vicinity and bending space and time [Link]

Reverse engineering universal military modules from Extraterrestrial UFOs – a combination of submarine, aircraft and armored hovercraft

Finding nearest openings to seven parallel Universes – near death experiences [Link].

Someone certainly has been smoking something funny!!


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Hi Sumit,
These comments are probably ill placed.
i am from class of 2006 and have reinvented my blog. Please take a look at the photos and suggest improvements. I have just started clicking ( pentax optio mx ) and could do with some inputs.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Dhar said...


I dont mind comments not related to posts. And you can always contact me via email too.

Will mail you my inputs separately. Can you send me your email ID? Your blog does not give your contact details.



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