August 31, 2005


Wired talks about the various Anime series and how US mainstream media is just picking these up. The part I liked the best was:
One possible successor to the throne caught the eye of Lycos 50 two weeks ago. It's another martial-arts comedy, called Naruto, that premieres Sept. 10 on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block. The site noted that the popularity of the series in web searches has risen dramatically as the release date draws near.

What is it about Naruto?

"Naruto, the main character, is a ninja who is host to a powerful demon," said Nick Civitello, a fan of the show who lives in Connecticut. "The people in his village have come to think of him as the demon that he houses. In spite of it all, Naruto wants to prove everyone wrong.

"He represents resolution and hope. Eventually, everyone starts looking to him for strength and guidance. At the time I discovered Naruto, I was deeply depressed. Watching it just made me happy."

The show promises to attract viewers who grew up with Dragon Ball but now find its kid-oriented content a bit tiresome. "Naruto takes everything that was great about Dragon Ball and cuts out all the crap," said Civitello.
Beautifully put... Whenever I feel down, I go back and watch a few episodes of Naruto. It fills me with hope and energy, it peps me up. If you havent watched it, go get your copies right away.


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