October 09, 2005

1 Man, 1 Boat, 5000 Kms

2000 people have sailed the globe
1400 have climbed Mt. Everest
450 have been into Space
180 have been to the Poles

To date, there have been only 32 successful attempts at rowing Solo across the Atlantic.
My friend from Reliance days is attempting something truly phenomenal. Starting in December 2005, Bhavik will attempt to row 5000 kms across the Atlantic Ocean, from Spain to Barbados. While I am yet to confirm with Bhavik, I believe he is the FIRST INDIAN to be attempting this feat. Way to go Bhavik!!

Link: http://www.bhavik.com/crossatlantic/


At 4:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats def a first for India. 1 billion Indians and 1 bronz at the olympics. About time someone did something about it.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger aus said...

hey dhar - logged on to your blog after quite a while...

this one is quite a phenomenal effort! way to go bhavik!


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