November 15, 2005

Using Gmail for Note Taking

Often I need to draft quick notes to myself. These could be a set of interesting links that I plan to explore later, a list of actionable items or maybe simply a set of important dates I need to remember. Sometimes these notes need to be edited at a later point in time.

These days I have started using Gmail for this purpose. I compose a mail and save it as a draft. The Subject line is usually a short description of the material in the notes. The advantage of saving it as a draft as compared to mailing it to myself is that I can edit the drafts later to add / delete / modify the information contained therein.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Sachin Nair said...

I simply use a text document which i have named scratch pad. While the idea is unique way of using drafts a smaller application is generally enough.

If you want your notes to be available over the internet, i suggest

just my 2 cents :)

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Rohit J said...

I used to use Yahoo Notepad for a long time.
It was a nice little tool, but yahoo guys forgot to integrate it better with other yahoo tools :(

Recently I shifted to using gmail, but by
mailing things myself. Deletions/additions
are managed through 'replies'.

And then there are e-postits for todo lists
in office.

Will try drafts sometime.


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