December 06, 2005


Just finished Vernor Vinge's excellent True Names. Currently reading A Fire upon the Deep by the same author. Others in line include:

John Brunner's The Shockwave Rider & The Sheep look up
Alfred Bester's The Stars my Destination
Dan Simmonss' Hyperion
Douglas Coupland's Microserfs


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Jeet said...

Oye Dhar.. how do you decide to read new books? Main to keval 'story books' padhta hoon.. normally I stick to authors jo ki logon ne recommend kiye hote hain.. What do you do?

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Dhar said...

Non Sci-fi & Fantasy books I usually pick up only if some friend strongly recommends it. Picked up Hundred Years of Solitude this way.

Lots of books I pick up if I see lot of good bloggers recommending it. Picked up Getting Things Done this way.

Others (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) I pick up based on:

Area 51

or other such rating sites.

I have stopped picking up books randomly at the book store and repenting later.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Jeet said...

tumne yeh link post kiya tha kabhi to..

is it really useful?

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Chirag Kantharia said...

Care to post a brief note about the books you read? At least, I would be in position to wave off, nonchalantly (occasionally!), and say, "Oh that one, read it .. it's about so and so.. didn't like it much, though" :)


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