December 11, 2005


Nothing is more irritating than finishing a book (Hyperion) and finding that you have to read another to complete the story (The Fall of Hyperion).

That crib aside, Hyperion is an extremely well written novel. Dan Simmons tells an engrossing tale by interlocking the stories of 7 travellers who are on a pilgrimage to the Time Tombs on Hyperion.

They are on the way to Hyperion to make a request of the Shrike; a monster and anti-hero of the novel. The Shrike is known for impaling people on a massive tree made of metal, whose branches are massive thorns.

The book ends rather abruptly and I have no idea what happens next. I found it even more frustrating because I kinda thought the story will be wrapped up in this novel itself. Damn you, Dan Simmons!


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