January 14, 2013

My book InQUIZitive, available on Amazon

Hi Everyone,

I recently published a book via Amazon Direct Publishing. The book, titled InQUIZitive, is a collection of fun filled trivia quizzes that the entire family can enjoy. It covers diverse topics and the questions are set in a way that will make reading this book addictive. It is a great way to spend a free hour or to get your children interested in quizzing.

Additionally, the book is among the top 30 under the category Puzzles & Games > Quizzes in the Kindle Bestseller List and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Sample Questions:
Q. Canonization is a process by which the Christian church declares a deceased person to be a saint. Now, during the canonization process of the Roman Catholic Church, a lawyer was appointed to argue against the canonization of the person. It was this person's job to take a skeptical view of the candidate's character, to look for holes in the evidence, to argue that any miracles attributed to the candidate were fraudulent, and so on. What was the popular name given to such a lawyer?
Ans. Devil's Advocate. Therefore, today a person who advocates an opposing or unpopular cause for the sake of argument or to expose it to a thorough examination is called a "Devil's Advocate"

Q. According to the website of the Colchester tourist board during the English Civil War a large cannon was placed strategically on the wall of the castle. A shot from the parliamentary army managed to destroy the wall under the cannon and caused it to tumble to the ground. The Cavaliers (who were loyal to the King) tried to raise the cannon but could not do so as it was too heavy.  What was the name of the cannon & how has it been immortalized?
Ans. Humpty Dumpty. It is widely believed this story of the Colchester Cannon is the origin of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty

Q. Sean Lennon, son of the legendary John Lennon, criticized the baby boomer generation for many of the problems plaguing the society. A famous singer from the generation that was being criticized offered a rebuttal to this criticism in a particularly innovative way. This singer showcased that the problems Sean was talking about have always existed and that the baby boomer generation was not responsible for those problems. Who was the singer & what was his response?
A. Billy Joel, We Didn't Start the Fire

Hope you enjoy the book!

Warm Regards,

PS: Due to some issue with mailing, some of you may receive this mail twice. 


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